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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In Wasilla

Yesterday we moved down the road 60 plus miles to Wasilla. It has been grey and misty the last couple of days, we did try to go out today to do some looking around. I did catch this eagle being harassed by a mew gull on our drive, we also saw a new bird for us a golden crown sparrow so it wasn't a bad day, just not a good day for photos.We are staying at Big Bear RV, they had a BBQ for the campers last night. They furnished salmon and moose and we all brought a side dish. We had a good time hearing about what the other campers had seen and experienced on their trip so far. It's rather strange, we keep on seeing some of the same travelers at every other park or so.
We also had a special guest show up at the BBQ, Mr. Jim Palen, he knew someone here and came by to say hello and we did get our pic taken with him.
I'm hoping to get some photos of the mountains around Wasilla, but so far they have been covered with clouds. Tomorrow, we plan on driving into Anchorage and find the RV service dealer and show them the part that needs to be ordered. We know it will take at least 10 days for it to come in. So we were planning to head to Seward next but haven't made reservations any where yet.

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