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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Moved down the road

We have moved down the road about 120 miles to a little place called Talkeetna.
We had a good rain last night and you can see how pretty the clouds were on the mountains this morning as we drove. Yes, there are alot of tourists on the road! It was a good thing we made reservations for this park, as it is full, we did not realize that Talkeetna is a tourist destination. They come by the bus loads, by the train cars, which the train is right next to the RV park. We thought it sounded interesting and it is, there are a lot of lakes and rivers along the road here to check out. (Actually there are lakes and rivers everywhere in Alaska at least the part we've seen.) It is the spot to get a flight to see Mt. McKinley and land on it's glaciers and it is the place to start your trip to the top of the mountain.
We had lunch at the local brew pub, it was good. I tried a strawberry beer. There are several restaurants here that sound interesting to try, but no fast food. We visited several of the gift shops and I picked up a pair of jade earrings for myself. On Saturdays, they have a craft fair so we walked though that and visited with a local photographer and she told us about a nice lake to visit.
We are here for 3 nights and are still about 120 miles from Anchorage.

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