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Friday, June 18, 2010

We made it!!

We made it to Alaska!
We passed through customs at 9:30 am after spending the night in the quaint town of Beaver Creek where we joyed visiting with the other travelers, one from Marathon, Florida Keys and he gave us hints on travel in Florida.
We are now in Fairbanks, AK at River View RV, the parks are full here I called 2 others before we got a nice space here for 3 nights. The Midnight Sun Festival is this weekend and that is the reason the parks are full, that is what we were told anyway. Yes, it is still light at midnight, the sunset is about 12:45 am and sunrise is about 3 am. It doesn't get completely dark as the sun dips only 6 degrees below the horizon. We have not seen this ourselves as we are so tired we hit the sack around 10:30.
Actually, we've been having longer days for some time on our trip as the cats seem to think it's time for breakfast at 3 am, so I get up give them some and go back to bed. The Alaskan Highway ends in Delta Junction about 102 miles south of Fairbanks but we stopped and took the tourist photo of the end post. (I didn't get a photo of the Alaska border sign as there was highway construction going on there.)
We did have some rough road, from Haines Junction to 25 miles north of the border thats about over 200 miles of it.
There is some construction in several places too.
Ken had put bubble wrap on the cars windsheld and headlights to protect them but he didn't cover the little running lights and one of those got broken. We had heard some real horror stories about the road so we were lucky with only a little light broken.


Kay said...

You are so wise to be in Alaska in the summer! It is sweltering here in the Rio Grande Valley, of course.

Jules and Ken said...

Yes we are, it was almost 70 today and we had no rain or sprinkles for a change.