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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Exploring Fairbanks

It was a beautiful day to explore Fairbanks. We started with Creamers Field a dairy that has become a bird refuge, we saw Sandhill Cranes, Chickadees, Savanna Sparrows, Yellow rump Warbler with a babe and a Yellow warbler. We also saw a new butterfly for us a White Admiral, I posted the photo on flickr. Then the families arrived for the Dragonfly Festival so we thought it best to move on.We went downtown and had lunch at Soapy Smiths pub and tried the local brewed beer and I had a crab burger, Ken had his usual BLT.
We visited the botanical garden, we saw a White crowned sparrow there and another Yellow rump with babe.
We went to the visitor center where they have a wonderful display about life in Alaska.
We drove out to see the pipeline and it's little visitor center and then we did a little shopping at Walmart and a couple of tourist shops.
A busy day and more tomorrow.

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