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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Only 35 miles away

Friday night we stayed in a tiny place called Reed Point, MT, in Sept they have a sheep run which would be fun to see. It was a family run park with 16 spaces, I thought it fine although we had no TV reception. We walked up to the saloon and had a burger and beer and visited with the locals. One rancher handles sheep and goats and takes them around to other ranches to eradicate the bad weeds, then the good grasses grow back for the cows.
(The saloon was just like an old time joint with painting of partly naked lady over the bar.)
We walked back in a gentle rain, then it rained harder later in the evening. Back on the road this morning after a stop at the Walmart in Billings.
We have seen grassy prairie, canyon, river valleys and mountain scenery on our drive thru Montana, just one beautiful state. Tomorrow we will be in Canada!

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