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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

I hope everyone had a nice 4th, it is hard for us to believe it's the fourth of July for some reason. Maybe it's the cool weather low was 48 and the high today was 62.
We went to the Matanuska Glacier today, you can see this glacier from the Glenn Hwy and you can go walk on it for about $20 per person, Ken got the senior price of 15. It is on private land and is not a state park. We can now say we walked on a glacier.I have not been able to get connected on the internet the last few days so I'm using Ken's computer. Not sure if it's my computer or the server we'll see when we move to Seward tomorrow.
We have been down to Anchorage a couple times, Thurs. we ordered our part and dropped in to say hello to a cousin. He was going to his cabin for the weekend so we'll try to get together at a later date.
We visited the Native Heritage Center in Anchorage Friday that was interesting to see how the natives lived and watch a couple of dance performances. We should have gotten there earlier as we didn't get to see all the exhibits and films.
Sat. we went and explored some of Anchorage's birding spots, we got several photos of birds with their babies. I'll post pics on flickr if I ever get back on line with my own computer.
We have been to Walmart several times, we find if you want brand names you may pay around a $1 or so more, but we found good deals too. We buy yogurt and it is 89 cents, cat food is about 20 cents higher, milk was the same, frozen dinners are much higher, Subway $5 footlongs are 6 or 7 here, McDonald's has no $1 menu it's $1.60 or so. Alaska has no state sales tax, but towns may have a little Wasilla as 2% and Anchorage has none.
Hope to have my own computer back tomorrow.