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Monday, June 14, 2010

In the Yukon

We are at mile 721 on the Alaskan Hwy, in the Continental Divide Lodge RV park, a really nice place with big spaces, 30 amp power and water. They have a little restaurant, free Internet that works in our RV and a free RV wash which we really need after some road construction we went thru today. The car is covered in mud!We stopped at the Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake, we couldn't believe all the signs people have put up, the last count in Sept of last year was over 67,000. We didn't have one to put up, but our little duck Eddie had a good time getting his photo with several of the more fun ones.

We saw some wildlife on the road today, these caribou, several bison, a grizzly and a couple of black bears. Ken got a photo of a new bird for us the grey jay, a really pretty bird.
I have to apologize for my random writings, I'm usually very tired when I do these posts so I hope you can make sense of them.

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