Welcome to my photo journal.

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Badlands

We've made it to the Blackhills this afternoon we are in a park in Hermosa on the edge of Custer State Park. I expected the RV parks to be crowded but there are only a few here. Ken likes it we have cable TV and free internet.
We stopped at Wall Drug to see what it was all about, Eddie the duck had a good time posing with the fun manikins. I found a nice Blackhills ring to buy.
We parked the RV in one of Wall's parking lots and took the car through the Badlands loop. There were lots of people touring the Badlands, the visitors center was wall to wall with tourists.
So tomorrow we start exploring the Blackhills.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Memorial Weekend

Hope everyone is having a nice Memorial Weekend.
We are spending part of it in Sioux Falls, SD, my brother and his wife came over on their motorcycle and had lunch with us at the Texas Roadhouse. We had a really nice visit! Eddie is posing with our broken water connection. It broke Thurs. while we were picking up our mail needless to say we had wet carpeting in the bedroom. I used all our towels, sheets and blankets to sop it up and today the carpet feels dry.
Friday we had an RV repairmen out to fix it, he ended up showing Ken how to get to the problem what we needed and Ken went to Home Depot for the part and fixed it. It cost only around $65 to fix most of that was for the repairman to come out.
This is the city's namesake falls, it's really a beautiful park.
Tomorrow back on the road.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eddie the duck

Not sure what Tigger is smiling about, maybe he just got away with something.Ken's blood work numbers were fine, so we are nearly ready to take off.
Our lady at Edward Jones gave us this duck, her clients are to take photos of it at different places on their vacation. I named it Eddie, we'll see what kind of adventure it will have this summer with us.
Our weather has finally warmed up, I went from wearing sweatshirt to shortsleeves over night. We may be starting out in some rainy weather, it's to rain tonight and tomorrow and then again this weekend.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Endangered Species Day

Sometimes the most obvious thing in the world,
isn't obvious at all,
in the absence of wonder.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Our cat Boo

We took our cat Boo to the vet Weds. we knew he was ill since his last visit to the vet last fall but the vet told us to bring him back when we got back home to see how he was doing. Well, he lost 3 more pounds, he has diabetes with a bladder infection so he is now on insulin we give him two shots a day. Poor guy he has to put up with me as this shot thing is new to us but he is usually very patient with me. We take him back next week to see how he is doing and the other 3 will go in for check ups to their get health certificates for our trip.Katie is taking a break from studying up on our trip, or maybe she's keeping me from reading up on it.
We went to Lifestyles RV to get a water filter and awning repair tape and found that they no longer handle motorhomes just travel trailers and of course didn't have what we were looking for either. Ken will go online and order what we need, he's getting pretty good at fixing things he finds alot of how to's online. We have our Canadian car insurance ID for the car and guess we'll get the RV's when we go thru SD. We've checked on Verizon service and it looks pretty good most places going up. So I think we are almost ready except for the cats certificates.
We hope the weather warms up some too, we've had about 3 inches of rain and it's been cool. Today was a nice day, we got some work done on the RV and around the yard.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day I hope every one had a nice day today. We went to East Valley Park this morning to see what birds we could find, we saw Baltimore Orioles, Rose breasted Grosbeak, Wilson Warbler, Nuthatch, several flycatchers, Blue grey Gnatcatchers and the usual Cardinals, Robins, Vultures, and starlings. Ken is trying out a 100 to 400 zoom lens to see if he likes it, it is easier to carry around birding then his big lens.
It's cool and cloudy, we are to have rain tomorrow.
I have my work on the RV done, now to do a little around the house.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


We are now home, at least for a little while. Ken has a drs appointment, we have some things to take care so we are cleaning out and cleaning up the RV. We have things we've not used, things we've collected so time to lighten up some.It's nice to see the flowers blooming, I just had to bring a few iris and lilacs in to freshen up the house. I also cleaned up the flower garden some today, it looks nicer with out the dead stuff in it.

It took the cats about a half day to feel at home again.

Monday, May 3, 2010

On the way home

We both enjoyed our visits with our families although our time was too short with them. The desert was still blooming as the saguaros were just starting to bloom, the poppies were gone, the daisies were near their end but the palo verde trees were in still bloom, it's surprising how beautiful the sonoran desert is in the spring. My mother and I hit the thrift stores, enjoyed breakfasts with her friends and just hanging out together. Ken watched his grandson play soccer and enjoyed a couple of movies with them.
It looks like Squeakie is ready to hit the road again, the other 3 weren't so excited about it.
We are spending the night at Sky City Casino RV park, it's a nice spot for $15 we have full service complete with cable and WiFi although the interchange is under construction. Sky City is just east of Grant, NM. Another nite on the road and then we should be home.