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Monday, June 21, 2010

Exploring Denali Nat'l Park

We are now just up the road from Denali Nat'l Park in McKinley RV, got here around 3, there was some road construction on the road here so our car got all muddy again.
Time to bring out the mosquito spray and nets, we went for a bird walk this morning in Fairbanks and couldn't look for birds for the mosquitoes.
We checked out the visitor center here at Denali, drove the 15 miles in that is allowed for private vehicles, did a little hike at the end of that 15 and on the way back saw this two along side the road near the visitor center. Momma moose and her two week old baby, she lost the twin probably to a predator the follow in the bookstore told us.
We bought our tickets for the shuttle bus to the inner park for early Wed. morning. Hope the weather is good, just like it was today.


Kay said...

Love the mama and baby moose!
Our mosquitoes are still bad, too.

Jules and Ken said...

I don't think that they are, people who have been here before say the mosquitoes pop. is down this year.