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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bunche Beach

This week I thought I'd share another favorite birding spot, Bunche Beach.  It's great when the tide is low and  the birds are feeding.  You'll find several photographers and birders there in the early morning during low tides to watch the birds.
The bridge behind takes you to Sanibel Island.

 This Reddish Egret has a mullet.
 This Sanderling found a worm.
 We believe this pile of mud is made by the worms.
 Black Skimmers resting on a sand bar.
 A little stream flowing into the gulf  at Bunche Beach.
 Bubbles made by this King's Crown, you can see the little guy's nose.
 Early morning at Bunche Beach a birder's scope is waiting for action.
 This jelly bubble is made by a worm to protect itself from the birds.
 Just a few bird tracks.
King's Crown Conchs burying themselves to wait for the in coming tide.
I'm looking forward to the next low tide to visit Bunche again.

January is gone and we counted 112 species of birds for the month, not a bad start for the year. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Harns Marsh

 This week I thought I would show you another place we enjoy visiting, Harns Marsh.
It is a quiet place not many visitors other then a few birders and an occasional fisherman.
We have never seen an alligator here but then we don't do the whole 2 mile walk.

 Cattle Egrets.
 I said it was quiet but for the squawks of Sandhill Cranes
 cries of the Red Shouldered Hawk and occasional Bald Eagle.

There's the usual coots, blue wing teal and mottled ducks.

 The specialty of the marsh is the Snail Kite, they nest here.
 These are the apple snails shells the favorite food of the kites and limpkins they are about 2 to 4 inches big..
 Glossy Ibis and White Ibis are abundant here.

 as well as Pied billed Grebes and Moorhens.
 This is a Florida specialty the Limpkin, it has a cry that sounds a little like laughter they also nest here.
 There are  Little Blue Herons, Great Egrets and Great Blue Herons always present.
Early in the morning the trees are filled with Turkey and Black Vultures it's fun to watch them take off for their days search for food and soaring.
We usually meet some nice birders here who tell us about their favorite birding spots that is how we learned about the Venice Rookery.
We hope to find the King Rail here someday, others have seen it as well as the Least Bittern hard to spot birds as they hide in the reeds.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve

 This is one of our favorite spots to visit, we walk the 1.2 miles of boardwalk once or twice a week and we  usually get some good photographs.
The Slough is close by too, 15 minute drive from our RV park, and it's just up the road from the ball park where the MN Twins practice and play in the winter.

 Today on our walk there were two juvenile Night Herons to be caught by our cameras.

 One of young alligators that can be found in one of four ponds there seems to be five of them.
 White Ibis and Great Egrets are usually found fishing among the Cypress Trees knees.
 In Nov. the Cypress Trees wore colorful feathery leaves which have all dropped off now.
 After a good rain the Resurrection Ferns turn green, here some are green and many brown fronds so there wasn't
a very good rain.  The slough has abundance of plants ferns, bromeliads, Sabal Palms, Oaks,Slash Pines and many water  plants.
 We  aren't bothered with biting insects the mosquito larvae are feed upon tiny fish called Gambusia.
We have found a couple of these Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers and on our first visit
we saw couple snakes.

This Big Al the 15 yr old alligator everyone comes to see.
On average we will see 5 species of warblers, a couple of woodpeckers, anhingas, cormorants  Gt. Blue Herons, and there is always nice surprise bird like today the juvenile night Herons, last week a Wood Stork and a couple of weeks ago a Roseate Spoonbill.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jan Bird Photos

Here's a few of my better photos taken in the last few days.
The Common Tern is a new bird for us.
Common Tern

Black Skimmers


Sanderlings in flight
I'm trying to get birds in flight but it is so hard, they have to be gliders and even then I may not get them.