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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mmmm that doesn't sound good!!!

Saturday morning we were getting ready to leave Dawson Creek and while putting up our levelers and we heard a grinding noise. One of the levelers broke, so now what, we look around and find a truck parts place that advertise that they work on RVs. They were so nice, they had someone out in less than an hour, the guy took off the broken leveler but they didn't have anything to replace it. That's OK we can do without them, but then when we try to move an alarm came on, so we had to call service center that was on our instruction papers, so Ken had to disconnect all the electrical lines to the three other levelers. So we didn't get started till 1 pm. We will have them fixed when we get to Anchorage.
We drove 150 mile further north stopping at Pink Mtn Campsite, it was Ok but it was more for hunters then RVers.
This morning we got an early start and made it to Muncho Lake, what a beautiful lake.
We are staying right next to the lake at North Rockies Lodge and RV park. I guess the view is worth $48, we have 15 amp electric and water. I plan on walking up to the lodge in the morning to get my $2.73 coffee, I can't use my coffee pot with only 15 amp service.
On to the Yukon tomorrow.

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