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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Devils Tower

The morning was cloudy, and we debated to stay another day in the Blackhills or move on, decided to move on another 60 miles to Belle Fourche, SD.
It puts us 50 miles from Devil's Tower. We drove over after lunch, beautiful scenery on the way.We walked the mile and half trail around it, took several photos which I will post on flickr. The sun came out for about an hour so it was a pleasant afternoon, Ken had never visited the tower before.
We are staying at a little park next to a river outside Belle Fourche, we think the price a little high. It needs some work and to be less junky. They let their dog roam and it seems to like us or our cats. They also have inch worms on most of their trees so when we go out we find little friends here and there, even in the RV. But there are birds here! Should get a few photos of the place tomorrow, so we won't forget it.
It's part of the adventure!!

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