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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hummingbird Banding

We are now in Apache Junction, AZ it's time to doing a little visiting with family. Ken is going to Vegas to visit his daughter and family and I'm staying here with the cats to visit with my mother.
Yesterday late afternoon we went to a Hummingbird banding at the San Pedro house in Sierra Vista. It was very interesting, the banding it self was done by Sheri Williamson who has written the Peterson bird book on hummingbirds and her helpers were all volunteers.They trap the birds by using a remote control net over a feeder. Sheri then takes all their data, weight, measurements, and other details. A volunteer than takes the bird to a feeder and gives it a drink and then an observer like ourselves has the honor to release the bird. The volunteer gently puts it in a hand and when the hummingbird is ready it takes off.
Here, Sheri is showing us the tail feathers that make the noise we hear when this Broad tailed hummer flies, it is the two odd shaped feathers.
This female Rufus hummingbird is in a hand of one the observers, she has also made a donation to adopt this bird, she named it Dahlia.

Ken is listening to a male Black chin Hummingbird's heart beat, I got to listen too, it beats so fast it sounds like a buzz of a bee.
They trapped around 12 hummers, several were already banded, one had been banded in '05 his name was Bisbee and the volunteers will send his info to his adoptive parent.
Ken has decided we need to visit Sierra Vista again, we now know where and when to find the birds.

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