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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our last day at Hawk Watch

Ken has finally decided when we will be leaving the RGV, he's been watching the weather looking for a day not too windy, the gusts the last couple of days have been around 35 mph.
So today was our last day at the hawk watch, tomorrow we'll get things together to leave Sat. This is my try to get a Broadwing hawk flying over us.
Here is our volunteer record keeper tallying up today's totals, we had 6216 Broadwing hawks,
321 Swainson hawk, 40 Turkey Vultures, some Anhingas and a couple of Crested Caracara which are local birds and do not migrate. So it was a good day, busy day trying to count the gnat size hawks flying over us.

I have done some reading on the Big Bend NP which we will try to visit next week. I have a list of new birds to try to find there as well as exploring a NP we have never visited before.


Kay said...

Have a safe trip home! Let us know what birds you see on your way.

Jules and Ken said...

Thank you, I will.