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Monday, May 3, 2010

On the way home

We both enjoyed our visits with our families although our time was too short with them. The desert was still blooming as the saguaros were just starting to bloom, the poppies were gone, the daisies were near their end but the palo verde trees were in still bloom, it's surprising how beautiful the sonoran desert is in the spring. My mother and I hit the thrift stores, enjoyed breakfasts with her friends and just hanging out together. Ken watched his grandson play soccer and enjoyed a couple of movies with them.
It looks like Squeakie is ready to hit the road again, the other 3 weren't so excited about it.
We are spending the night at Sky City Casino RV park, it's a nice spot for $15 we have full service complete with cable and WiFi although the interchange is under construction. Sky City is just east of Grant, NM. Another nite on the road and then we should be home.

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