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Monday, April 12, 2010

Greetings from the Davis Mtns

Greetings from the Prude Ranch north of Fort Davis, TX. we arrived here Sunday afternoon.
We had a good time exploring the Big Bend area including the Big Bend Ranch State Park but it was time to move on we didn't move far tho only 120 miles or so.
Prude Ranch has 30 RV hookups as well as their lodge and cabins, we were greeted with a good thunderstorm with pea size hail. It has threatened to do the same this afternoon but so far just threats.We visited the McDonald Observatory today, it was interesting to learn about the telescopes we even viewed what was happening on the sun today, between the clouds anyway.

We will explore this area for a couple of days, see if we can get any new birds. We have an Acorn Woodpecker visiting the power poles near our RV, it's a new bird for us.
Again we have to go to the lodge to get online, we haven't even tried to see if we have TV what is interesting is it doesn't get dark til 8:45 so we've been reading. I've been reading about Hallie Stillwell and her family owners of the RV park we stayed at outside Big Bend, she was quite the cowgirl.
More from us later.

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