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Sunday, April 25, 2010


We've been out birding and have seen 6 new Hummingbirds, a Hermit Warbler and Spotted Owls.
Magnificent Hummingbird
Others we've seen are the Broad billed, Broad tailed, Anna's, Lucifer's, Calliope, and Black chinned which we've seen in Texas.
I haven't gotten very good photos of many of them hopefully I'll have some more chances in the next couple of days.
A couple of B and B's have birding stations in their yards and they charge $5 per person to sit and view the birds.

This one was by far our favorite, the people are so friendly and helpful.

The owner's son is showing everyone here where his dog treed a bobcat and luckily one of the observers had a spotting scope so we could get a look since it was in a tree up the hill quite a ways.

We went to the Beatty's B &B Sat and they told us and other birders about the Spotted Owls up the trail about a half mile. Here we are all looking trying to find it, no one could Sat. so we were told we could come back Sunday and try again at no charge.
What really made the day was being locked in the area, the B & B is fenced off from the trail, one of the guests had locked it but lucky someone heard our whistle and went for the owner to unlock the gate.

Here's my photo of the Spotted Owls, there was also a Broad tailed Hummingbird's nest near by, the hummingbird was on the nest when I looked, Ken got a photo of it. They were concerned with it because of the snow and cold we had Friday, a naturalist is watching it to see if it hatches any babies she was there while we were up there today. She was telling us all when she was up there Friday watching it and some snow fell in the nest and the little mother worked to get it all out of the nest.
The next few days the temps will be in the 80's so spring is back for a couple of days til the next cold front comes thru on Weds.

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