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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fort Huachuca

We visited Fort Hauchuca today it has quite an impressive history and is a city in itself today as an Army Intelligence school. It has been an Army fort since 1877 defending citizens from the Apaches, then Poncho Villa and during WWII trained African-American infantry divisions, in the later half of the 20th century it was a proving ground for electronic weaponry and now the center for military intelligence training.
There are three museums to visit and there are other historical buildings and canyons to visit anyway that is what the brochure said. We were going to check out a canyon but they had conflicting road signs, one side said open the other side said closed so we turned around and left.

The roads are closed when they are doing maneuvers which we did see some activity in the area but no real sign saying closed for maneuvers.

Anyway, that was part of our day, we did go back to Ramsey Canyon to see if we could see any more birds. We did see the Brown Creeper and a few others.

It was just a beautiful day to be out.

We decided to stay an extra day to drive over to Patagonia to visit the birding area there, we discovered Sun. evening on the internet that it is closed Mon and Tue so we exented our stay.
I will be putting my photos of the Sierra Vista on Flickr soon.

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