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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Some rain some snow some sun

We went in to Sierra Vista and picked up some info on the area at the visitor center, lots of birding places hope we have time to visit most of them. We did go to Ramsey Canyon Preserve this morning, the sun was shining with big fluffy clouds and the tallest mtn had snow on it so we decided to start birding. Ramsey is one of the more famous birding sites, we did see the Red faced Warbler several times, Ken may have gotten a photo but I didn't. We saw a few other birds but it was cold with a few snow flurries.
Here's a view from the observation trail.
The snow started to come down a little harder and we were hungry so time to call it a day.
It was only raining at the RV park, I caught up on the laundry and we watched birds from our window, I counted 14 different species we've seen in our RV park.
We may wake up to a little snow on the ground tomorrow am, the temp tonight is to get down to 35. What happened to spring?

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