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Monday, April 26, 2010

Nature walk

I went on a 3 hr nature walk at Ramsey Canyon this morning while Ken hiked up the trail to see if he could find the Red faced warbler. I learned about the early settlers of the canyon, the trees, the birds, the frogs and many other little stories of the area the guide had to tell, it was a very good informational walk. Ken saw no warblers. Betsy our guide, showed us hummingbird nests, 2 occupied, one Hutton's vireo nest occupied, we saw the Hepatic Tanager pictured below, Dusky capped flycatcher, AZ woodpecker, Pewee, Hermit Thrush and a quick qlimpse of the Blue throated humming bird.
After a quick lunch, Ken and I just drove around checking out various places that were mentioned on the brochures, and as it sometimes happens they are written up sounding better than they actually are.

But while on the road we meet up with several of these old cars, they must have been on a road trip together, we saw about 10 on the road. They must see a lot of country going along at around 40 mph.

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