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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A little birding

We've been out birding the last couple of days, enjoying the sunshine before the next front comes in. We finally saw our American Pipets we were looking for, I didn't get much of a pic they are small birds the size of a sparrow. On our drive thru the Wildlife Refuge today I noticed something stuck on the ends of the Spanish Dagger plants. They were little crabs, the Loggerhead Shrike does this.
This is a pic of a Loggerhead Shrike, pretty little birds.
We saw our first Robins in Texas today, we didn't see any last year so I thought maybe they didn't come here.
I kept track of the number of species we saw today that we could ID, we saw 44 different birds.
I think we saw at least 300 Mockingbirds today, it seemed every other bush had a Mockingbird in it.

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