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Friday, January 29, 2010

Chasing a little bird

I'm always on the look out for interesting photo ops and I thought this one was good, I even made Ken turn the car around so I could take the pic.
They are cleaning out the canal, which is a common sight, but this time the Cattle Egrets were taking this opportunity for some easy meals. Today we stayed at the park as it was windy, a cool north wind. When the sun did come out this afternoon I went for a short walk and heard this little peep and looked up and there was this little Yellow Throat Warbler so I followed it around and tried to get pics. It then flew away and I went back to the RV and told Ken about it and he wanted to know where I saw it so we walked down to the spot. I walked over to where I thought it had flown, and there it was and Ken didn't have his camera. So off he went to get the camera but by the time he came back with it, it had flown off again. Then I spotted it by our RV and off we went chasing it until Ken finally was able to get a few photos of it too.
(This photo I turned upside down so the bird looked upright if it looks a little funny to you.)
Tonight, we're off to play Pegs and Jokers.

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