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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Getting caught up

We joined the little birding group at Ramsey this morning they meet every Wed. am, the wind was blowing some and the birds seemed to be hiding we heard them but didn't see many.
On our way home we spotted these Roseate Spoonbills and Black-neck Stilts on the canal bank so we did get to see some birds. We also saw some hawks but the birds were keeping low out of the wind.
I did take a couple pics of flowers starting to bloom again at Ramsey park.
This is a Heart leaf Hibiscus

and this is Purple Sage. The guide today said it blooms when it is supposed to rain, I'll start watching to see if that is true, he tends to tell some tall tales.
I finally got the RV vacuumed and some laundry done still have another load to do when I change the sheets maybe two with the towels.
I put up the books I bought at the thrift store, I bought 6, I'm still working on Trinity by Leon Uris but did keep out what I thought will be the next book I will read Two Texas Birders: Cameos and Capers by Fred and Marie Webster.

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