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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Birthday and owl

It was a beautiful day, temp was perfect 73. We did go to town for a paper then a short walk thru Ramsey Park, the flowers are gone as expected but there were still a few butterflies.
Then back for the party. This is Peggy Murrey the birthday lady.
This is part of the band, Richard, he and Murreys have been friends for many years and it is his birthday also and they have been celebrating it together in this way for several years.
The band played for a couple of hours, they are very good especially the Conjunta music.

We walked to our dock after the party, Ken feed the goose and gulls and I heard the owl.
We found it, I got a few pics not the best with my little point and shoot but Ken went and got his big 500 lens and took several shots. We learned about another owl in the area, there is a screech owl in a neighbors box, he invited us to check it out when ever we wanted as the owl wasn't in the box today.
The neighbor is a wildlife agent and invited us to a bird banding tomorrow am at the wildlife management area just down the road from us. How cool was that coincidence.
More birding tomorrow!!!!

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