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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cold and Colds

The cold front has arrived!! This morning we were sitting out enjoying 60 degree weather and this afternoon we have our furnaces running.
It is going to be below freezing for a couple of nights and the high Friday and Saturday only in the 40's.
People are covering plants, farmers rushing to pick more of their citrus crops.
We could even have some sleet, schools could close and people are warned to just stay home if that happens.
This weather is hard for people here, many do not have heat in their homes so shelters are opened for them. There have been many home fires with the improper use of space heaters.
We both have colds, Ken seems to have it the worst and has taken to bed.
So we will test our little furnace and hopefully when the weather gets better next week we will be feeling better too.
Stay warm and safe!!


Linda W said...

Stay warm and get well! We had another 4 inches of snow on top of the 8 or so we already had. Temperatures have been single digits above and below zero! Bet you wish you were here - ha!

Ken - the Short-eared Owls have been numerous up at Smithville Lake. I got some good photos.

Cherylsue said...

Elvis, John Lennon, Michael Jackson all went to soon. Makes you wonder what they would have done when they were older.