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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another Christmas count

We were up early this morning to join the Christmas bird count in Harlingen, we were paired up with Norma again and another winter visitor birder.
We are given a certain area to cover to count all the birds we see so we could have say 4000 red wing black birds which may be close to our actual number for them today.We saw 53 different species, we'll get the total tally later when Norma transfers the numbers to the official paper. We saw two new birds for us today, the Lesser Scaup and the Sprague Pipit.
I didn't get many photos of the birds today but did get this White tail Kite flying.
Ken got a few photos, believe he got some good ones of the Sprague Pipit.
We saw a hummingbird visit our feeder yesterday, it was a Buff-bellied, nice start to a New Year of birding. (Didn't have the camera ready.)

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