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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Elvis

Elvis would have been 75 Jan. 8, in celebrating his birthday a little town, Los Fresnos, holds a Music Festival.
Simon Vega, the originator of this festival served in the Army with Elvis and has created a small museum 'Little Graceland' with his personal photos and collected memorabilia.
The sun was out, temp was a little warmer so we checked out the Festival.
We noticed as we were walking in most of the car licenses were Canadian or out of state.
Here's one of the Elvis Impersonators, he was pretty good.
There were two stages and the entertainers alternated the stages, there were 10 entertainers we listened to 5 of them not all were Elvis impersonators we heard a Neil Diamond and a Marty Robbins impersonators both very good. Along with the music there was a car and motorcycle show and a kids play area, it cost $5 ea for the festival and we thought it very entertaining. We didn't stay but a couple of hours as it was getting cold again and Ken still isn't feeling very well.
This is Bill Brooks he impersonates both Elvis and Marty Robbins, I thought he was the best.
I'm adding Little Graceland to my should visit list .

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