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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Spectacular Day

Here's our female Hummingbird at our feeder.
It was a nice day, sunny, no wind, temp around 65 so we went to Watkins to try and get some photos of the birds and maybe get lucky and see the warblers again. I did see the Black and White Warbler, the Yellow throat Vireo and White throated Sparrow but no pics of them.

The Paw Paws are blooming, we didn't notice them Sat.

We even found a couple of Jack in the Pulpits up.

After our visit to Watkins we drove over by the airport to see the Great Horn Owl baby.
At Watkins we saw a Barred Owl, but all the woods between us prevented getting a photo.

This Towhee was in Watkins and didn't seem to mind our presence.

Here is the female Oriole at our feeder this afternoon

It looks rainy the rest of the week so I'll get back to some cleaning or start a project.

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