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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!
We made it home last night around 8 pm, drove from the bottom of OK, so it was a long day.
We stopped there Thursday, stayed free at WinStar Casino, no hookups. We decided to stop because the wind gusts had gotten very strong.
This is the sun there at 4 pm, we learned that there were wild fires south of us in TX and north of us in OK and this is the smoke filled sky. In TX 100 homes were burned and there were wild fires in over 20 counties and in OK 5 counties. OK had the fires contained by Friday.
So they were hoping for rain which was in the forecast for Sun.

Ken got sick Friday so we stayed another day in the casino's parking lot. He felt better Sat. so we started home, the weather was perfect to drive home in.
We ran into smoke filled sky again but this time it was the Flinthills annual controlled burn. I had heard about it but never saw it before, blackened earth for miles.

It's a little cool for us here, drizzle and temps in the 50's. I have a few tulips blooming and the wild violets(above) are blooming. This morning I listened to the Robins and Cardinals sing instead of the Kisskadees and Seagulls. The trees are just starting to bud so it will be good birding, in fact on our drive home I spotted 3 hawk nests with a hawk each of them.