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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Expensive Day

Weds. we got up early to go to the Hawk Watch and we were greeting with a beautiful sunrise.
But, it clouded up and wasn't a good day for hawk numbers we counted only 80 birds the entire morning. We meet and visited with a couple from Canada who are just getting into birding , we ended up having lunch with them. We learned about the RV park they are staying at and the birding group there. They invited us to drive thru and we did. It is a big fancy park with all the activities, pool, tennis and golf and with it a big price of appx. $700 a month. We pay only $215
a month for our space plus elect. Our park is looking rather empty. The season is just about over!!!

We celebrated Troy's birthday today by going out to lunch at Logan's Roadhouse. There were 6 couples to help him celebrate.

After lunch we went looking for tires for our car, the back ones were getting bald and bulgy.

We ended up having to get 4 new tires and an alignment as one the front tires was worn down on the inside of the tire.

We will be feeling alot more comfortable now on our trip home knowing the car tires should be safe.

We will probably be heading home Monday, depending on the weather forecasts. Ken will try to leave on a less windy day. The weather hasn't looked good back in the states we will be traveling through the past few days.
It has been warm in the 90's and windy. The humidity changes as each front goes thru from 70% to 20%.

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