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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Enjoying Spring

Thursday we got up early, 6 am, to join the Backyard Bird group at Little Bean Marsh over north of Weston. It was raining on the way over but cleared up around 9 and turned out to be a beautiful day. We saw a few birds, Blue birds, Yellow-rump Warblers, coots, Blue-wing teal, Cormorants, Great Horned Owl, and a new one for our list a Lark Sparrow, always a good day birding if we can add a new bird to our list. We've been going to Isley Park here in EX Sprs. almost every day, it's a great place for spring flowers. We've been hoping to see the Yellow-rump Warblers but they haven't arrived there yet, lots of Goldfinches, Blue gray Gnatcatchers and Eastern Phoebe tho.
Isley's carpet of Spring beauty's.

Today, we went over to Watkins and walked a little, it's a grey day but the Red bud's are so pretty.

We did see our first Oriole of the season at Watkins today.
We will join the Backyard Birder's again early tomorrow morning at Watkins if it's not pouring down rain. One of these days I'll have to invest in a good rain jacket!!

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Cherylsue said...

6am!!!! Yikes, I guess I couldn't be a birder.