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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In the Hill Country

We finally are on the road home. It was too windy for Ken Monday, so we did some cleaning went into Harlingen for lunch had a last look at Ramsey Park then back to do a few more RV chores.
This morning we start the RV but the slides won't go in and the system beeping that we have no brakes. Ken calls a number for Fleetwood, they give us what might be wrong. Ken looks under dash and a connection is loose, that was all it was. So we get underway by 10, Boo has his usual sickness and Squeekie wants to be in my lap. We decide we had enough by 3:30 and stop in Schulenburg, Tx. We have been driving Hwy 77 though hill country and have been watching more and more Blue Bonnets in the fields and ditches. We find Schulenburg, has a German and Czeck heritage and all these old churches in the area that have been beautifully painted on the inside in the old world styles. We may take the time to see one or two tomorrow before we move north.
We took a drive out on a Farm to Market road by one of the churches, they were locking up but we did stop to take photos of the wildflowers and where there are wildflowers there will be butterflies, here is a pipevine swallowtail.
I have always wanted to see the Texas Blue Bonnets in the spring, and here we are!!!

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