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Monday, November 21, 2011

A Visit to Organ Pipe Nat'l Mon.

Our little RV park, Ajo Heights RV is a pleasant little place, quiet.
After setting up we took Ajo's 10 mile scenic drive and took a few photos of Ajo.
It's a quaint little town of 2000, it receives a few snow birds each winter. The copper mine closed in 1982 so not much for the residents to do, and there is a lot of property for sale.

We had a little rain during the night and thought our day might be a wash out but it turned out really nice, did had a sprinkle or two.
Organ Pipe Nat'l Mon. is a pretty place, interesting mountains along with the cactus. It is at the most northern edge of the organ pipe's range, it doesn't tolerate freezing temperatures.
The photo in the bottom right corner is a memorial to a park ranger killed in 2002 by Mexico's drug cartel.
Our stay here is a short one, tomorrow we will arrive at our winter space in Mesa.
Have a
very Happy Thanksgiving

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