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Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Balloon Festival

We stayed a couple of extra of days here in Yuma to see the Colorado River Crossing Balloon Festival. Friday we caught up with a few flying over Yuma.
Then we went birding.
In the evening we did the Art Walk downtown, there was a lot of art and a very good turn out for it. The music was good too, there were about 5 bands playing.
Today we got up early to see the launch but I guess the wind was a little squirrelyand kept all but 5 on the ground.
We did a little more birding and visited the Quartermaster museum where I spotted several flycatchers and a roadrunner. You never know where you'll find the birds.
Tomorrow we head out, we are going to stop at Ajo where we will visit the Organ Pipe National Monument.

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