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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Salton Sea

We are now exploring the area around Salton Sea which is supposed to be a big birding area.
We have visited the Sonny Bono NWR and there are alot of birds there but we need to go back in the am to get better looks and photos. We did see a bobcat there, that always a good sighting.
We are staying at the Del Yermo RV Park in Caliptria, CA it's a small park but has cable and a good internet service so it's has all we need.
We have a birding magazine with an article that covers this area so we have been trying to find the areas it suggests, not so easy. Today we found Wiest Lake, Ramer Lake which was a good spot lots of night herons and Obsidian Butte another place we need to visit in the am to see the birds better.
This is an agricultural area growing sugar beets, peppers, and lots of hay for the many feed lots in the area. Mmmm good smells!! It also has Geo Thermal plants all over. So it is a strange partnership farmers, energy and wildlife refuges. In a field next to the refuge a farmer had every bird frighting device known streamers, people cutouts, fake owl and noise makers. I guess they worked there were no snow geese or sandhill cranes in his field and they were in the refuge's field across the road.
We are not enjoying the time change, we would like more light at the end of the day!!!
Oh, yes there are mosquitoes here but just in the evenings so maybe the short evenings aren't that bad.

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