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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In Arizona

After a Saturday enjoying the Brawley, CA Cattle Call Parade and a Sunday drive
to the Imperial Dunes we left California Monday and stopped just across the border in Arizona in Yuma.
Today we visited Imperial National Wildlife Refuge, we didn't see much wildlife a few birds a couple of new ones to add to our trip list an Anna's hummingbird and a Bufflehead duck.
Then we visited the Yuma Territorial Prison museum, the prison was in use for 33 years it had electricity, plumbing, library and even a prison band but it was still known as the Hell Hole because of the heat.
Yuma should be known as the RV capital of the SW there is RV park after RV park if not a park a RV dealer or repair shop. There are 3 Walmarts and a beautiful shopping center and lots of restaurants. I believe there are 3 casinos all on Indian reservations and 16 golf courses and 3 National Wildlife Refuges in drive able distance. Yuma has beautiful riverside parks and wetlands, two rivers flow by the Colorado dividing AZ from CA and the Gila river so there is water for irrigation for crops citrus, and lettuce.
That's what we have learned about Yuma so far.

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