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Friday, November 11, 2011

Some days are lucky others not

The Salton Sea area reminds us of the Rio Grande Valley in TX being a farm area with heavy Mexican influence yet very different because of the geo thermal activity. We found the active bubbling mud pots Weds.
The Salton Sea is shrinking and it leaves behind interesting salt covered trash to photograph.
Thursday we drove around looking for birds at the areas suggested in the Bird magazine with little luck. Today, we decided just to drive down and check out the town El Central and as we drove down we saw hundreds of cattle egrets and white faced ibis in a flooded field. We then stumbled across Sunbeam Lake County Park and RV park with lots of good birds.
We found three burrowing owls along the side of the road to Fig Lagoon. After a rest at the RV we decided to go back to Raner Lake Refuge around sunset and thousands of double crested cormorants were flying in to roost joining the hundreds of snowy egrets already there on the small islands on the lake.
I keep a daily list of the birds we see each day and they have been good here, over all we have seen around 60 species of birds here no new ones to add to our life list though.
We are staying two more days here maybe we will get a lifer yet.

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