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Friday, November 4, 2011

The latest from 29 Palms

We were surprised Wed. by a cold front but we went out and took in the part of the park we hadn't seen, even did a little hike out to Barker Dam. The dam was built by a rancher who lived in what is now the NP so his cows would have reliable source of water.

Thursday we drove to Palm Springs to visit my uncle and we visited the Palm Springs Air Museum.
Today rain is in the forecast and the clouds have become dark and it's breezy and cool but so far only sprinkles. We did go to the visitor center's bird oasis. Ken really enjoys the spot as every time we go we find a new bird or two this time we had a verdin and a new bird for us a White throated Swifts I couldn't get a photo of them.
Hopefully the last two days we are here the weather gets better.

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