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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rain and cold

We've had rain the last two days and it's a chilly rain, but the sun should come out tomorrow.
I've done a couple of watercolors, did a small load of laundry in our little washer in the RV, the second load we've done in it. It takes a long time to do such a small load but I may use the washer/dryer more often, the park has only 4 washers and dryers and as more people come in the busier they will get. Maybe I'll get in the habit of putting in a load every other evening.
We've been watching the news on Tiger Woods, the 4 policemen killed in WA and the White House party crashers, crazy, crazy. The local news is usually about the drugs found in cars crossing at the border bridges.
I went up and exercised on the treadmill this afternoon and the clubhouse was all decorated up for Christmas, looks really nice. We most likely will not put up any decorations, I'm trying to talk Ken to going to the Harlingen Christmas parade and concert this weekend. I've never seen a Christmas parade.
Well, that's the news from the 4cats.

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