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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Bird Count

We were up early this morning to head out to Port Isabel to join the Christmas Bird Count. Port Isabel is where the causeway to South Padre Island is located. It is port to many shrimp boats and has some interesting maritime history we need to check out sometime.
We were put in a group to count the birds in Port Isabel, other groups headed out to other areas around Port Isabel. Our group had the Pres. of the Harlingen Audubon, and two other very good birders of that group. We started out around 7 am and drove thru neighborhoods, around schools and the boat docks. It was foggy to start and it stayed chilly all day. We stopped for lunch at a little Mexican restaurant then did some more birding. We must have visited almost very street in the small town, we saw 64 different species of birds but I don't have the total count the ladies will do that when they get back to Harlingen. We learned alot from the ladies about birds and Port Isabel as one of them had lived there for several years even kept a sailboat there. I can add about 4 birds to our list, Bufflehead duck, Godwit, Willet, Herring Gull and Western Sandpiper.

We were followed by Port Isabel's fire department in a couple of the neighborhoods, Santa was throwing candy to the kids. I had never heard of that before! Yes, they used the sirens the whole time. How fun!!

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