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Sunday, December 13, 2009

3 hour wait for 12 secs....

Our Sunday started at 4:15am, and an hour drive to South Padre Island and half of it in dense fog.
Ken wanted to be sure we would have a good spot to get photos.The Ocean Tower was being imploded at 9 am.
(That's the tower behind him.)
The 31 story tower was leaning before it ever was finished, it was built in 2006.
The tower is the largest concrete building ever to be imploded in the world and the newest so it is one for the record books.
Here are my pics of it.

Down in 12 secs.

All that is left, the rubble and it will be recycled.
We didn't go on the boat trip, Sat. am was cloudy and cool so Ken thought we wouldn't see anything so we went to Padre Island in the afternoon.
Ken wanted to check out the what and where of the demolition, and while there check out the birds at the boardwalk. The Spoonbills were there preening so we got some good photos of them and the egrets and saw our first American Widgeon.
I also saw my first dolphin in this area as we crossed the bridge home Sat. afternoon.
Sat. evening we went to San Benito's Christmas Parade, why they have parades at 6 pm is beyond me, it was chilly and hard to get photos. It was a nice parade tho, it lasted 2 hours and had lots of kids in it, bands, dance classes, and church groups so it was fun to watch.
I added some of the bird photos that I took this weekend to my Flickr site so please visit it if you want to see more of my photos.


Q said...

How exciting!
I shall go look at bird photographs next...can't wait to see.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Kim said...

Very cool pictures - thanks for sharing!