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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Movie days

The last four days have been cloudy, cool and rainy, good days to go the movies.
We've seen Up in the Air, It's Complicated and today Nine, we like to see the first movie of the day to beat the crowds.
Nine was my favorite, I usually like the musicals.
It was interesting to see dramatic actors singing, Judy Dench has always been a favorite of mine and Ken likes Daniel-Day Lewis. I always watch for the birds on our drive in and back from town, yesterday we saw this huge stream (kettles) of what we believe were Turkey Vultures as the last few days we've seen smaller streams of them in the same spot but yesterday the sky was full of them I did spot a couple of hawks near the group. I wish now we would have pulled over to really look at them. They were heading to warmer Mexico.
You are all probably bored with our bird watches but I find it interesting and fun to see the various birds, occasionally we'll see something really different for us like a lone Roseate flying over the road the other day or a Caracara sitting in the field all seen just driving into town.
Sometime I'm going to make a count of the birds we see here around the park, I can usually see different birds flying up and down the Arroyo behind us while sitting next to our RV this morning I saw 12 Sandhill Cranes pass over it's been a couple of weeks since we've heard them.
Til next time, have a good day.

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Cherylsue said...

I want to see Nine but I read it did not get good ratings and is being pulled from some towns already. I also like Judi Dench and Nicole Kidman.