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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The journey to Bethlehem

We slept in this morning, especially Ken he was tired and he slept for 14 hrs.
After my morning walk, I was sitting out enjoying the nice morning and noticed these birds flying over, it was a kettle of White Pelicans there were about 50 of them.We drove to Harlingen for bunch at IHOP and to pick up a paper.
It was such a nice day, the sun was trying to break through the clouds so we decided to check out our favorite Ramsey Park and walk off the breakfast.
We found part of our favorite path had water and mud on it yet, the Arroyo Colorado was still out of its banks too. We heard some kids on the next path over and found that they were dressed up as Shepards, then I remembered that the St. Pauls Lutheran Church was having the Journey to Bethlehem in the park 3 to 6.
It was so cute, kids were at various points representing the journey.
At the two major stops there was a guitar player and the kids sang a carol.
What a great idea, this is the 2nd year that the church has done this.

We decided to check out Lantana Lake on the way home, it is next to a busy road, but it is always good place to see birds as you see here in this pic I took. The Spoonbill is sitting among Blackbellied Whistling ducks. There were Egrets, Cormorants and other ducks as well as a Nutria (we think).
It's been fun running into Christmas events on our outings.

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