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Friday, December 4, 2009

Freeze Warnings

It seems winter has hit the Rio Grande Valley at least for a day or two.It's a nice day to stay inside, I'm not baking but working on Christmas cards.
We've been here a month, it doesn't seem that long.
I've kept track of the numbers, we've seen 101 different birds and over 50 types of butterflies Ken keeps finding a new butterfly when he goes out taking photos.
Ken made chili last night so we are enjoying it today too.
Harlingen's Christmas parade is this evening, and it's to be cold so we won't go.
Yesterday, we went to the movies and saw the Blind Side, it was very good.
Be thou as chaste as ice, and pure as snow.
thou shalt not excape calumny.
Shakespeare 'Hamlet'
I've been reading my quote book.

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Cherylsue said...

My friend, Shermalyne said it snowed in Houston and Nicole's friend Jill said it snowed in Austin. We are due for snow on Mon. but I hope it misses us. We'll see. I am healthy at long last, knock on wood!