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Friday, August 7, 2009

Trip to Des Moines

Thursday evening was too breezy for most of the balloonists so we had only a few balloons up and fewer for the glow Thursday night. We had some rain showers this morning so Friday mornings flight was cancelled and we slept in. We took a drive up to Des Moines and visited Walnut State Park and then the state capital.
It's a beautiful building it has 29 different marbles inside and it's famous gold dome.


The winds were too strong for a flight tonight, but we had a blues band and Heart of Iowa Wine Trail Festival on the balloon grounds so we had a good time listening to the music and tasting Iowa wines which are very good.
We tasted from 15 wineries in the area around Des Moines.
We also tried Grimes sweetcorn this afternoon, it is really good our neighbor here told us about it.

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