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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Offutt Air Show

We headed north Friday, Ken had read in his AAA book about Council Bluffs Railroad Museums so we checked them out before checking in our motel in Bellevue, NE.
In 1862, President Abraham Lincoln created Union Pacific Railroad, and directed Union Pacific and Central Pacific to construct America's first transcontinental railroad from Council Bluffs, IA to Sacramento, CA. The route was completed in 1869.
The Union Pacific Railroad Museum is filled with information, photos, artifacts and it is free.We checked into the Rodeway Motel and low and behold we hear this roar, the Blue Angels were practicing over head, awesome!
Sat. we catch the shuttle out to Offutt Air Force base, we spend the day til 5:30 on our feet watching and walking thru some of planes and just trying to seeing everything.
Time to catch the shuttle back, lines are long and we stand for another hour and a half waiting to get on our shuttle....
but it was worth it, the show was none stop with WWII Japanese Zero and P-51 fighting demonstration complete with pyrotechnics, Cargo plane heritage flight, P-51 Heritage flight, F-16 Viper, B-2 Spirit flyover, MiG 17-F, A-26b Invader, U.S. Army Golden Knights, several stunt flyer's and of course the Blue Angels.
There was just too much to watch and see.
Sunday, we caught the first shuttle over to set up our chairs in the front so we could see what we missed Sat. We ended up sitting next to a photographer who used to work for an Air Show trade magazine, so he and Ken had a good visit.

The line for the shuttle Sunday was longer but they added more buses so we waited only an hour to get on the shuttle. We then headed home.
We had a great time.

Click on my collages to enlarge to see some of the photos I took.
I took over 400 and Ken took over 1200, digital cameras are great.

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