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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back home

We enjoyed the closing fireworks last night, they did put up one balloon to glow and give an opportunity for people to go out and take pics of it .We visited Buxton Park this morning while waiting to the sweetcorn people to set up, Ken wanted to get more of the Grimes corn.
The flowers are gorgeous, so many through out town too, they have some of the prettiest yards.
A storm is approaching Central IA so we decide to head home.
We know our street will be hard to get through much less try to park the RV on during the weekend, so we are spending tonight at Watkins State Park, needed to dump our tanks here anyway.
We checked on the cats, freshened up their food and water, Boo was the happiest to see us home as he meowed welcome and desired some lap time.
We won't see Katie for a day or so she has to play who are you guys to leave me here alone with these nasty cats.
I believe I will enjoy a glass of IA wine.