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Monday, August 3, 2009

A mornings diversion

The last couple of balloon flights had been cancelled because of wind and last night we had some rain, so this morning we slept in.
After breakfast at the golden arches we went to Milo to look for the round barn, just a short drive south.From there we went to Annett Nature Center, this is a sculpture of a bison looks real here.

We ran into a volunteer and he told us that they let down the bars.
Just down the road the park is reintroducing ospreys to the area, they have built a tower and brought down 5 ospreys young from MN and today they opened up the tower so they could be free.
Two left the nest this morning he told us and three were still there which you could watch on a TV cam from in side the center.

Here's the tower, we could hear the babes in the tower as we walked past.

Here's one that left the nest, we didn't see the other one. It was neat just to get to see one!
Ken probably got a better photo.

A poster from inside the center.

We've been doing a little bird watching, and looking for butterflies, the ditches here are usually left alone and are filled with wildflowers. There are Goldfinches everywhere and Purple Martins so even without the balloons flying we are finding other beautiful flying creatures to watch and photogragh.

On the way back this afternoon, Ken bought some farm fresh picked peaches and cream corn.
He has decided IA sweetcorn is the BEST.
The winds have gentled this afternoon and of course the temp went up too, it's in the 90's.
Maybe we'll have a balloon flight this evening.
More later from Indianola

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