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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Birthday Ride

Wednesday evening was perfect for the balloon flight and glow.
The crowd was huge again and since there was so little wind the spectators were allowed to walk among the balloons during the glow. Today is Ken's birthday, and he decided to take the opportunity and go up in a balloon for this occasion.
(We both went up this morning, it was another perfect day for a flight.)
He's heading to the field where the balloons are laid out already.

A little preboarding for those who can't climb over the basket, the balloon is being filled with hot air too. This basket carries 14 people and it was full this morning.

We are up, up and away!!!!
So smooth it's like we are hardly moving at all.

See our RV down there??

This is our pilot, Andy Williams and the fellow with the beard is his father who taught Andy how to fly so we are in very good hands today.

We got up to a mile high, we can watch the other balloons try for the three targets, one in the balloon field, one in a school parking lot and another in a farmers pasture.

Ken's really enjoying himself!

Our shadow.
We land in a farmers pasture which they get permission first and then the crew comes and takes the balloon down and packs it up.
There was a couple age 75 with us this morning!

Back on the ground with our certificate of flight and glass of champagne.
What a way to celebrate a birthday!!!

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