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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

News from Balloon Fest

Monday evening flight was beautiful, lite breezes so the balloons moved slowly by.
We had 50 launch from the site for the hare and hound and 50 come in to drop their baggies on a target.
This morning there was a very squirrelly light breeze, it took the pilots 2 hours to get to the target to drop their baggies. One pilot was able to drop go up for a bit come back and drop again 4 times that is how squirrelly the wind was.

One pilot had a little trouble, he lost his glasses when he dropped his baggie on the target and he lost his bearings and ended fouled up in this telephone pole.
He was not hurt but it took a hour or so to get it down.

We just saw the news about the entanglement and Ken and mine backsides were on TV, not a pretty view.

Let's hope for a safe and gentle flight tonight.

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